Users drive our design

Since our beginning in 1936, we have developed several thousand models of gloves. All product development takes place in our design studio in Hestra, Sweden, under the direction of our Design Director, Marianne Knutsson-Hall.

The technical possibilities available in glove manufacturing today are great. However, making gloves for different needs and environments requires a special set of skills. The needs of Mountaineers are different from the needs of a family with children. Vasaloppet competitors have certain demands, while kayak paddlers have others. Hestra gloves are used in activities where the hands are put to the test. We make gloves for everyone from fighter pilots to artisans.

This means that finding the right balance between aspects like durability, cold and moisture resistance and flexibility is extremely important. To do this, we cooperate closely with people who place the highest demands on their equipment. The Norwegian and Swedish ski teams race with Hestra Gloves. We collect information from, among others, adventurer Vera Simonsson, Vasaloppet cross-country ski race winner Daniel Tynell and survival expert, Lars Fält. Anja Pärson and some of the world’s best freeskiers have also created their own Hestra Pro Models together with us. Read more about them under Hands.