Product image for Stella, Cork
Table Cut

Women's Stella 12600 Color 710

Timeless style in hairsheep with cashmere lining.


Outer material


is a thin and soft leather with high gloss. The finest hairsheep originates from the high altitude in Ethiopia and is tanned and dyed in Naples.



Most exquisite cashmere linings from Italy withstand cold down to five minus degrees.



The leather is overlapped and then machine sewn using one millimeter seam allowance. Gives an elegant and neat seam.

Table Cut

The glove is cut according to the French method, dating back to the 17th century yet unmatched for the perfect fit.


is the little triangles between each finger. Increases the comfort of the glove and reduces the strain on the seams.


Table Cut

Stella 12600 Color 710

Timeless style in hairsheep with cashmere lining.

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Men's Hairsheep Handsewn Rabbit Fur Lined Men´s 12600 Color 710

Classic handsewn glove in hairsheep leather lined with softest rabbit fur for the coldest days.
Product image for Hairsheep 1 Bt Piqué Cashmere, Brick red
Table Cut

Women's Hairsheep 1 Bt Piqué Cashmere 12600 Color 710

Short, clean style with elastic at palm. Made of hairsheep leather with cashmere lining.
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Table Cut

Women's Peccary Handsewn Unlined 12600 Color 710

Classic, unlined peccary glove that will get softer and more supple with age and wear.

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