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Welcome to our digital news archive. Here you'll find out what happens in our world.

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01 Nov, 2012

Hestra opens a concept store in Helsinki

Glove maker Hestra has taken a major step into the Finnish market. In October, the glove maker opened a store that will stock over 300 models and provide specialist knowledge about hands and gloves.

"With our own store, we can reinforce the brand still further in Finland," says Svante Magnusson, Hestra CEO. Climate, proximity to Russia and ...

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10 Feb, 2012

First certified glove makers in 47 years

It has been 47 years since Sweden last certified a glove maker. It was therefore significant when Anton Magnusson and Niklas Magnusson received their journeyman certificates in glove making on February 9, 2012. As a result, the number of certified glove makers in Sweden doubled. “We’re proud to be able to carry a unique craft tradition ...

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01 Mar, 2010

Certified environmental pioneer

Acting as one of the first companies within the ski and outdoor industry, Hestra has introduced the environmental management system ISO 14001. While many companies promote their various eco-products, Hestra is working to improve its overall impact on the environment. The international ISO 14001-system places environmental requirements on ...

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