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Henrik Windstedt

Henrik Windstedt

“Leather is unbeatable”

Henrik Windstedt ends his season every year in the mountains around Riksgränsen, Sweden, the world's most northerly ski resort. He had his breakthrough here when he was 17 years old and won the big air competition, ‘King of the Hill’. Nowadays, it is the Scandinavian Big Mountain Championship that attracts him – Henrik is the most successful rider with six victories – as well as the opportunity to meet friends and enjoy the beauty of the Lapland Mountains before the snow melts for the year.

When he arrives, Henrik has around 150 ski days behind him. High alpine environments in Alaska are mixed with tree skiing in Japan. Henrik is one of the Hestra Team Riders who has seen great success internationally in recent years. He won the Freeride World Tour in 2008 and finished third place last season. “Those who ski as much as I do must have equipment and clothing that works in every situation,” he says.

Henrik and our other Team Riders are therefore important advisers. We listen to their experiences and views, and develop gloves that fit their needs. Several of them are also involved in the design process when developing our Pro Models. “Many of us who spend a lot of time in nature are interested in product development.

Therefore, it is a big advantage for us riders that Hestra is a family company with a short path to decision making. I can speak directly with those involved in the design and avoid all the red tape,” says Henrik.

His own well-used Pro Model has been shaped by hand and he explains that he regularly lubricates them with leather balm. “Leather is an unbeatable material. It provides a great grip and breathes well, while it also insulates and is very durable,” he says and takes the opportunity to promote the handcuffs that his gloves come equipped with. “They are perfect for when you are hiking, taking pictures or answering the phone. Everyone I’ve met that has bought my Pro Model likes them.”