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Lars Fält

If anyone knows how important the hands are, then it's Lars Fält. He is the survival expert who built the Swedish Armed Forces Survival School and regularly holds survival courses. Lars has written several books about outdoor life and we have worked with him since the 80's.

"To avoid your hands being cold, it's important to always keep your gloves on. Learn how to handle equipment without removing your gloves and use the layer-on-layer principle to control the temperature, "says Lars.

The gloves we have developed together with Lars Fält are made of durable goat leather. They have a removable wool lining, because wool works warming even when it's damp and dries quickly if you hang it up.

"I always bring an extra lining in my pocket. Then I have a dry one to change with," says Lars.

Lars is not only an expert in survival, he is also a master in caring for his equipment. He impregnates his gloves by wearing them and rubbing leather balm into the palm, just like when you are washing your hands. "I repair my lining until it is not possible anymore, then I'll change it to another," he says.

Lars uses his gloves for as long as he can, because they shape nicely after his hands. He have had his latest pairs for eight years. "Then they are the most beautiful," concludes Lars.

Lars Fält's own glove model is the 31270 Fält Guide Glove.