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Mike Douglas

Mike Douglas

The Godfather of Freeskiing

In his 23-year ski career Mike Douglas has done it all – World Cup competitor, coach, film star, TV commentator, innovator, adventurer, event director, writer, film producer and more. Most notably, he is credited with the design of the modern twin-tip ski, an innovation that changed the sport. Known as the 'Godfather of Freeskiing', Douglas is constantly pushing forward to challenge the boundaries of skiing and the media surrounding it.

When it comes to gloves, Douglas knows the protocol. "First of all people need to realize the difference between really good gloves and the rest. Hestra gloves fit well from the first day you wear them and they last much longer than other gloves; It's an investment worth making,” said Douglas. “Since I only wear Hestra, I focus on fit. Too tight and your fingers can get cold, too loose and you lose dexterity.”

Douglas has two models that he wears most often. "The Ergo Grip Freeride is a short glove that is supple and warm, but still has a tremendous feel in the palm and fingers. When I'm freeriding, this is my glove of choice," says Douglas.

He also likes the Hestra design of his friends Kaj Zackrisson & Sverre Liliequist. "I really like the simplicity of their pro model, It's warm and just works well - especially when the conditions are wet,” says Douglas. “The wrist loops are great for days when I'm shooting for Switchback and my hands are going in and out of my gloves all the time.”