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11 May, 2012

Trend report from the glove world

At Hestra we have been working with the hands for 76 years. The family business Martin Magnusson & Co. was founded in 1936 and is now run by the third generation of Magnussons. Both design and development is done at the headquarter in the village of Hestra in Sweden.

Our gloves are manufactured in our own factory and we personally buy all leather, cloth, wool and other materials. This gives us complete control of the entire production chain and ensures high quality at every stage. Several of our models are handmade by some of the most experienced glove makers in Europe.

During the autumn/winter 2012-13 we can see several trends and inspirations:

Curious function The playful but somewhat grand ”Curious function” style is clear. Dressing to match the weather is trendy, with natural and environmentally friendly material. However, with a twist of metropolitan chic. The colors are leather brown, rust and warm red with shades of natural white and blue. Glove models with soft, ventilated wool lining, flexible leather and discrete details are typical.

City poems Another clear trend is the philosophical and dreamy ”City poems”. The natural feeling of the colors cork and orange and even cerise and blue stand out. Details such as fur collars and braids flirt with the 70s. The driving glove and crochet glove define the style.

Enchanting days The magical and mystical also have an influence with trends originating in Art Deco. Angular and asymmetric forms, manufactured in exclusive materials such as silk, with metal details, beautiful stones and discrete embroidered patterns. The color scale is cold blue, grey and purple. Here we see among others our long gloves in smooth suede with soft pleated cuff.

General information on material, colors and models The handwork trend continues to be strong, in general. Since the start of the year, Hestra has got Swedens’s only two active glove makers in the company. The glove makers, Anton Magnusson and Niklas Magnusson, are 22 and 23 years old and are part of the Magnusson family, which owns Hestra. They are now carrying a unique craft tradition onward.

Our passion for glove making means that for fall/winter 12/13 we have been inspired especially by materials such as deerskin, elk skin and lambskin and even the exclusive peccary leather, which is durable and strong but very soft are the same time. We are also presenting a totally new wool insulation, Swiss Wool, consisting of fine wool fibers gently bound to each other with natural corn starch.

Our hands, in other words, are heading for a naturally soft and warm but, at the same time, fairytale fall and winter.