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To give you the best experience, our website is using cookies and 3rd party services. By continuing using Hestra Glove’s website on a computer or mobile device, you agree to our cookies and privacy policy and consent to our use of cookies and 3rd party scripts.


Cookies are small text files that are stored in your web browser when you visit our website and are used to simplify and enhance your experience. Some are required for the functionality while other optimize the user's experience. The stored information is anonymous. Some cookies are required for your cart and checkout state to be restored on subsequent visits. Function cookies are used to remember your login details and to ensure your security when you're signed in.

If you don't allow cookies to be stored in your browsers some functions on the website might not work as expected. You can easily delete cookies from your computer's or smartphone's web browser. Instructions on how to do this is usually found in the Help section of your browser.

Analytics tool

We use Google Analytics to understand how our users interact with our pages. Google cookies are therefore stored when you visit our website.

Error aggregation tool

We use a service called Sentry for discovering and fixing errors that may occur when a user visits our website. This helps us improve the user's experience.

Service to recreate errors

We use a service called Sessionstack to help us recreate errors that the user experiences. This helps us deliver a better website. The service stores cookies in your browser to enable it to do so.

Web chat

We use a service called Intercom to enable our users to chat with us in realtime. This service stores cookies in the user's browser to work properly.