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01 Mar, 2010

Ski-classic praised again

Once again, the Hestra Heli Ski-gloves have been awarded for their function. The British magazine Outdoor Enthusiast appointed the Heli Ski Female as “Editor’s Choice” in their December 2009 issue. This is the fifth time that these classics from Hestra have been distinguished as favorites in the media. American magazine Skiing awarded the Army Leather Heli Ski ”˜Best in Test’ in 2007. The same conclusion was also reached in a major test by the German Ski Association’s Journal, DSV Aktiv. The Norwegian freeskiing magazine Fri Flyt appointed them as winner in a test of alpine gloves in 2007, and even Swedish ski magazine Åka Skidor high-lighted them as a favourite model in 2009.

Now, Outdoor Enthusiast has given the gloves a grade of five out of a possible five points in the category of Performance. “Your fingers will thank you,” exclaimed journalist Rebecca Corbally. The model Hestra Army Leather GTX also received top rankings by the magazine. The Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski-glove was introduced in 1993.

The family of gloves is available in finger, mitten and three-finger models, with or without Gore-tex.